Het Houten Huis
goes abroad

Het Houten Huis produces visually poetic music theatre for both young and old; productions which are conceived to play in a theatre or site-specific location. By bringing together humour, pain and beauty, we create absurd worlds full of struggle and hope.

There are hardly any spoken words in our plays, because the story is told with physical performance, imagery and music. Music is the ‘breath’ of the piece and works in symbiosis with the acting.

Current performances

If you want to know where we are playing right now, check our agenda.
At the moment our performance IK… eh ik (I… um I) is available to tour internationally. If you want to see the performance, we will send you the recording.

Winner Zilveren Krekels (Dutch youth theatre award)

IK… eh ik is the winner of one of the three Zilveren Krekels for “most impressive youth theater production”. Set designer and builder Douwe Hibma was also awarded this year. He received a Zilveren Krekel for “most impressive stage performance” for the set design of IK… eh ik and his contribution to the set design of Ruimtevlucht.

If you want to check older performances in the comfort of your own home, you can watch Hotel Perdu and Droogland online. 


We like to play abroad in theaters or at festivals. Inquire about the possibilities by sending an email to: info@hethoutenhuis.org or call us: +31 (0) 50 737 0250

Looking for someone in our house?

"Once in a while you get to see a production that is so bizarrely good, that you want to recommend it to everyone, even if it does say ‘6+’ after the title. I... um I from Het Houten Huis is precisely one of those masterpieces."


"Elien van der Hoek’s fantasy-filled direction here has again delivered a diamond of a production, which can keep everyone spellbound"


"...the unbridled fantasy with which the pain and irritations of life are made tangible for young and old, offers an amazingly clever counterweight..."


"Het Houten Huis has created an extremely imaginative production with Nordland Visual Theatre that is bursting with fantastic ideas that also pleasure the senses of hearing and sight."


"I... um I is musical, surprising, funny, overwhelming, recognisable, alienating, moving and confrontational"

Dagblad van het Noorden