Het Houten Huis produces visually poetic music theatre for both young and old; productions which are conceived to play in a theatre or site-specific location. By bringing together humour, pain and beauty, Het Houten Huis creates absurd worlds full of struggle and hope.
There are hardly any spoken words in our plays, because the story is told with physical performance, imagery and music. Music is the ‘breath’ of the piece and works in symbiosis with the acting.
On the stage are ‘everyday heroes’, wrestling with their fears and longing. Their inner struggle is expressed in an imagery and music that work on you in a way that is as unsettling as it is penetrating, like a dream or nightmare.
Form and content are inextricably bound together. Objects puppets, projections, masks, physical theatre and live music are applied as appropriate for the subject matter. With their universal themes and visual performance, Het Houten Huis’ productions have proven successful internationally as well as in the Netherlands with both young and old audiences alike.

Het Houten Huis has created a furore in the last few years with the productions Adios (in collaboration with Speeltheater Holland) and Beet! (in collaboration with STIP), celebrated by both press and public, and they have won two prizes: De Gouden Krekel ‘best production 2011’ for Adios (directed by Elien van den Hoek) and De Zilveren Krekel ‘most impressive stage achievement 2011’ for Martin Franke for both Adios and Beet!

For further information and bookings, send an email to info@hethoutenhuis.org


Winner of the “Gouden Krekel 2011“ for the most impressive production

The jury about Adios:
‘Everything is right about this production. Martin Franke and Raimund Gross's music is exceptionally beautiful; Inez de Bruijn and Michel Visser's fragile acting is compelling; Elien van den Hoek's directing is refined and to the point, full of ingenious and humorous inventions. Adios shines a touching light on saying goodbye, with wonderful puppetry. A production that moves the audience to tears.' 

Volkskrant****: “Comforting poetic performance”

For adults and children of 8 years and above.

script / direction / composition by Het Houten Huis
Produced by Speeltheater Holland


Winner of the “Zilveren Krekel 2011“ for most impressive achievement in the performing arts

Beet! is about perserverance in the face of failure. An ice skater loses an important skating competition and falls over on the ice. In desperation he grabs hold of a polar bear, who just happens to be sitting on the ice to fish. The bear takes him to a world under the ice, where dreams and reality merge. Infectious fantasy, physical humour and enchanting soundscapes, a recognizeable story for anyone who has ever experienced the pressure to achieve.

The jury about Martin Franke:
“Again and again, he surprises with a huge variety in tone and colour and his hair
fine feeling for the musical needs of a production. His presence on stage is as remarkable
as self-explanatory.”

NRC*****: “Beet! is heart-warming, creative in the smallest details and irresistibly

For adults and children of 6 years and above.

Produced by Het Houten Huis in collaboration with STIP theaterproductions.